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In Florida’s balmy but humid weather, you can’t go without a functional HVAC system. These units use refrigerant or coolant to heat and cool, whether you’re using air conditioners, heat pumps, or even ductless mini splits. 

What does refrigerant do, and could a leak harm your home and environment? Below, Mighty Air Inc.’s experts talk about why you shouldn’t wait to call a professional if you suspect that you need refrigerant leak repair in Jacksonville, FL. You can also contact this local team for air conditioning troubleshooting, air purifier service options, and more.

Refrigerant Leak Repair Service

The Importance of Refrigerant in Your System

Refrigerant is a chemical compound that can change form easily, becoming gaseous under pressure and more liquid otherwise. As the chemical cycles through the coils in the system, it absorbs and releases heat energy, depending on the pressure it’s under.

Air conditioners circulate the refrigerant one way, absorbing heat energy from indoor rooms and releasing it outdoors. Heat pumps can do the same or reverse the flow and pressure cues to absorb heat from the air or ground and distribute it inside. However, without enough refrigerant in the coils, HVAC products won’t work.

If there’s a hole in the coils, even one that’s too small to see, you may notice the signs of decreasing refrigerant levels over time. Sometimes, it will mean that you experience uneven room cooling or warm air coming from the air conditioner. At that point, it’s best to contact a trustworthy HVAC technician like Might Air Inc.

These professional technicians can find the problem and conduct a thorough cooling system repair service. Fixing issues with your refrigerant circulation will return your system to full efficiency. It could also save you from having to replace the system or its components earlier than expected.

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What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

Even with a minor leak, your entire HVAC system could fail without quick refrigerant leak repair in Jacksonville, FL. But what causes the leak in the first place?


An older air conditioner or heat pump becomes increasingly inefficient, even with consistent maintenance. The connections, joints, and rubber seals wear out. If these weak connections don’t receive repairs, they’ll release the refrigerant drop by drop.

Bad Installation

A poor HVAC installation can lead to refrigerant leaks because the unit needs a firm connection. Without grounding, the vibrations from the mechanical functions easily weaken the coil connections and other components. If refrigerant finds its way out of the unit, cooling problems increase quickly.


Is your outdoor unit away from children, pets, garden tools, and other things that can damage the HVAC unit? Protect it from unnecessary damage, and you might avoid refrigerant leaks.

Why You Should Never Delay Your Unit’s Leak Repairs

There’s a good reason refrigeration system maintenance can help you save money: it makes quick work of minor refrigerant leak repair in Jacksonville, FL, before the problem gets expensive. If you suspect that your HVAC system needs repair, don’t wait to call for service. 

Calling a professional service like Mighty Air Inc. in time to conduct repairs will provide many benefits, including the following:

  • Less risk: Refrigerant is a toxic chemical to humans, and it’s under pressure. Improper handling during refrigerant recharging or repair work can cause severe health issues and injuries. It’s best to ask trained and licensed HVAC technicians to address the problem as soon as possible.
  • Lower cost: A great repair job restores efficiency in no time, and high-quality work is easier (and cheaper) if those repairs are still minor. Leaving it too long will mean more time, money, and energy to repair or replace the unit.
  • Great warranty: Hiring a professional to repair your HVAC unit keeps its warranty intact. Tinkering with the unit yourself is not often worth it long-term.
  • Better efficiency: Licensed technicians with leak detection equipment and other tools easily locate and repair a refrigerant leak to restore the unit’s energy efficiency. Getting help fast also prevents the strain on other components so that the unit lasts longer.

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