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Heat Pump Repair in Jacksonville, FL

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Heat pumps make a fantastic alternative to traditional central air conditioning and heating systems, especially in places with mild winters like Jacksonville. They offer excellent energy efficiency and provide cool air in the summer and heated air in the winter. Still, this type of HVAC system can experience occasional complications. 

Fortunately, Mighty Air, Inc. offers excellent heating installation and heat pump repair in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding communities. Like other HVAC systems, heat pumps are complex machines with many moving parts. Yet our technicians have the experience and training to keep them running smoothly. 

Heat Pump Repair

Expert Heat Pump Services in Jacksonville

Mighty Air has over 30 years of experience in the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry, providing outstanding services and competitive prices. We dedicate ourselves to providing reliable furnace, air conditioner, and heat pump solutions with world-class customer service throughout the area.

Whether heat pump repair in Jacksonville, FL, or heating system troubleshooting to identify system inefficiencies, our skilled and experienced technicians can handle any HVAC problem. We use the latest industry techniques and tools to quickly diagnose heat pump problems to ensure we address the underlying problem. We treat the entire system instead of performing temporary fixes that don’t improve the pump’s performance. 

Once we understand the cause of your heat pump problem, we’ll use our expertise to recommend solutions. At Mighty Air, we believe in transparency and communication, so we’ll work with you to create the best action plan for your heat pump repair needs. 

Heat Pump Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Heat Pump Repair Service

Common Heat Pump Problems

Since we often service heat pumps of all makes and models, our Mighty Air, Inc. crew has years of experience addressing many types of heat pump issues. These systems offer year-round comfort and temperature control, so they can wear down quickly. Fortunately, we can repair any problem, including these:

  • Refrigerant Leaks: With our superior refrigerant leak detection service, our technicians can locate a refrigerant leak, repair it, and add more refrigerant to the unit. Without refrigerant, your heat pump will struggle to absorb warmth from indoor or outdoor air, affecting your indoor temperature.
  • Electrical Problems: All HVAC systems rely on electricity, including heat pumps. Some electrical components are simple to replace. However, ignoring faulty electrical connections and wiring will put your HVAC system and property at risk of a fire. 
  • Froze Outdoor Unit: A portion of your heat pump system sits outside your home under constant exposure to the elements. Though it doesn’t snow in Jacksonville, you might find ice on the outdoor unit if its defrost cycle fails.
  • Reversing Valve Issues: The reversing valve allows a heat pump to provide chilled and heated air for year-round comfort. If the valve fails, the heat pump can’t switch between modes. 

Heat Pump Repair Service

Signs You Need To Repair Your Heat Pump

Getting fast heat pump repair for minor problems can save you time and money. You won’t be without a heating and cooling system for long or pay for costly repairs. If you don’t know if you need heat pump repair, consider these warning signs:

  • Unusual sounds like banging or rattling
  • Insufficient heating or cooling
  • Icy outdoor unit
  • Weak airflow
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Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat Pump Repair vs. Heat Pump Replacement

At Mighty Air, Inc., we never recommend a service a customer doesn’t need. However, heat pump replacement is sometimes better than repairs. You might need to replace your heat pump if your system is over ten years old or constantly needs repairs. We’ll consider your heating and cooling needs before making the suggestion. 

Reliable HVAC Maintenance

Reliable HVAC Maintenance for Your Jacksonville Heat Pump

After getting heat pump repair in Jacksonville, FL, from Mighty Air, you’ll need to maintain your system. Ignoring your heat pump’s upkeep can lead to several consequences, like increased energy bills, restricted airflow, and premature wear. 

Thankfully, we make heat pump maintenance a breeze with our HVAC maintenance services. Our certified technicians adhere to a detailed maintenance checklist to ensure your system has the proper calibrations, working parts, safe electrical components, and sufficient airflow to maximize its output when you need it most. 

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Dependable Heat Pump Repair

Turn to Mighty Air, Inc. for Dependable Heat Pump Repair Solutions

With over three decades of experience and hundreds of positive reviews, our Mighty Air, Inc. crew knows how to meet our customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations. Our residential and commercial services include furnace and air conditioning repair, duct cleaning, heating maintenance, heat pump replacement, and heat pump repair in Jacksonville, FL—call (904) 872-5456 today to request your appointment with Mighty Air, Inc. 


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